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    • This is regarding PC Reviver and your support team. Thanks for your wonderful software. It helped me to clean my PC with a considerable amount of junk which I never thought is existing. Your support staff is very friendly and quick in responding. Thank you very much.
      Prabhat B, IN , August 2014
    • I had problems with the 2 new batteries for my laptop. Tried all possible solutions, unfortunately this was without success.Battery optimizer was my only hope. And it has worked. I want to thank Reviversoft, for saving my 2 batteries.Thanks again for making Battery Optimizer. I can not live without battery optimizer on a laptop.
      U Eyican, NL , April 2014
    • The Register Reviver software from ReviverSoft is a fantastic product. Their customer service and support is equally terrific. Friendly, helpful and they took care of my question within 24 hours. Thanks again for the great support!
      Jerry R, US , March 2014
    • Every product can & will need support. Mine was because my Drive crashed. I ran out of subscription. I was renewed speedily & courteously. This was important because the product has become an essential part of PC maintenance. A product that makes a big difference difference accompanied by back up service of equally high standard.
      Michael B, IL , March 2014
    • I am a Happy Customer. ReviverSoft is my electronic Doctor. I am using it for the first time and i am happy, especially about your good support team.
      Johann T, SA , March 2014
    • Each time I contacted support for assistance they were satisfactorily resolved without too much of a hassle, which I appreciate. Your Help was extremely important to me. Thanks again.
      Walt Z, US , January 2014
    • Driver Reviver, what an incredibly easy and useful product. Easy to install and a great time saver. Customer support was great too, they got right back to me when I had a question. I would recommend it for everyone.
      Dan k, US , January 2014
    • Excellent customer service from Reviversoft, received help in a timely fashion and they were extremely helpful in resolving my problem.
      Edward E, US , January 2014
    • Amidst all the mysterious bait advertising on the Internet, Reviversoft seems to be a reputable firm. I have found a company of my confidence for the first time. Their support is very helpful.
      Heinz-Juergen W, DE , January 2014
    • Your software is very easy to use and vital in an environment where oftentimes hardware manufacturers rush their products without good drivers constructs. Driver Reviver is a vigilant program that keeps the purchasers of such hardware up to date with little effort. I really appreciate the work and low-cost solution you offer.
      Jeff F, CA , January 2014
    • I bought the PC Reviver program and congratulate you because it is a very good program. Thank you
      R?za u, TR , December 2013
    • I get instant reply and fix after logging a call about my product license after a recent computer upgrade. Excellence service.
      Chong Chee M, IR , December 2013
    • I have been using registry reviver for 3 years now. It is very easy to use and fast. Support is helpful
      Denis M, FR , December 2013
    • Driver reviver software is the best solution to keep my computer in fastest condition. Thanks for the help!
      Szvitacs I, HU , December 2013
    • I had problems with registration after first new drivers were installed. After emailing customer service I received a response in less than 24 hrs. My problem was solved and I'm very happy with the service. Thank you!!
      Gord G, CA , December 2013
    • Thank you very much for your prompt response to my support request and your kind help, which immediately and completely solved my problem. This is what I call customer service!
      Peter W, DE , December 2013
    • Many Thanks for your great software and support--My Desktop is running much faster after using PC Reviver just once--I have recommended Reviversoft to all 400 Pharmacists in my Pharmacy Chain--Keep up the great work!
      Vincent P, US , December 2013
    • I had a problem with the Bluetooth driver on my PC and your support team did excellent work for solving my problem. Thanks for the support!
      Lars C, SE , November 2013
    • I would like to congratulate the support team on being very prompt in supporting my request. I really appreciate the quick response.
      Cahn M, AU , November 2013
    • Excellent experience. Info was returned in a timely manner, clear and concise. Followed instructions for no problems.Help desks are always iffy but yours solved my problems easily. Thanks.
      Don La D, US , November 2013
    • I had some trouble getting Driver Reviver to update the drivers it found out of date but with the help of ReviverSoft, I managed to fix the problem, update all my drivers and now everything is working to order! thank you!
      Barbara K, IR , November 2013
    • The product works great anywhere, the best yet and with excellent service. Thanks
      Jozef K, SE , November 2013
    • I downloaded MacReviver and now wonder why I didn't go for it ages ago - not being a techie, it was a simple download, and easy to run the program - mac now runs better than ever!
      Toby M, AUS , October 2013
    • I was skeptical about shelling out $30 for a driver program, but now I'm totally satisfied. Driver Reviver was a breeze to use and solved most of my problems. Best of all, the email support was extremely fast and also successful in solving the rest of my issues. Thank you - great support :)
      Bob R, US , October 2013
    • Your help in solving my software problem was very helpful, and thank you so much for your promptness in this matter. Thank you for your service
      Robert P, US , October 2013
    • In my first attempt to contact support, the problem was solved to my satisfaction. Products work well. Keep going ReviverSoft - you are doing a great job.
      Roni Hermony, IL , December 2012
    • I like the support, received a response very fast as usual, I like the two products that I have, Very good programs. Thank you for all regular tips emails every month. It is very professional and utmost useful. I might try PC Benchmark soon.
      G?ran G?ransson, SE , November 2012
    • I was delighted with the excellent Service I was given and I will have no hesitation in recommending your Company to all my Friends (and Enemies!) in the future. Best Regards and Many Thanks for the wonderful Service.
      Thomas Hyde, UK , November 2012
    • Got good support and product works again wonderfully. many thanks, great online help!
      Sabine Aurich, DE , November 2012
    • what a service and support! all is fixed and running well. Driver Reviver is a great program. cheers
      Luis O. Kolarik, AUS , October 2012
    • Quick email support turnaround within a matter of hours. Quite pleased with their product and service.
      Zafar Ali Punjani, CA , September 2012
    • Na kontakt met de service afdeling was het probleem super snel opgelost. Ik was vooral bang omdat ik zoals voorgeschreven het oude bestand verwijderd had. Echter na reset door de service afdeling ben ik weer gered. Nogmaals Heel Hartelijk Dank.
      Willem van de Veen, NL , September 2012
    • Driver Reviver is without doubt the best in its class, and I have tried most of them. I have been using it for two years and not once did I have any problems. They might as well do away with their support team, because this software is rock solid!
      Wynus Marais, SA , August 2012
    • I really like being able to count on extremely prompt customer assistance, which has always figured out my problems; it's very nice working on the PC knowing help is just around the corner. When my programs become slow and/or hiccup, I can reach for Registry Reviver, let it do its task, and one-two-three: I've got the speed and efficiency I expect from my PC back!
      Irene A, USA , August 2012
    • Thanks reviversoft, from an old lifeguard you are reviveable and revivamarkable from my point of view! Thanks for your service
      Martyn W, New Zealand , August 2012
    • Ich konnte ReviverSoft nicht mehr aktivieren. Nach meiner Anfrage bekam ich sofort Antwort und der Defekt war schnell behoben.An dieser Stelle nochmals vielen Dank für die schnelle Hilfe. Das Produkt kann ich nur weiterempfehlen
      reinhold pommer, DE , August 2012
    • Thank you very much for your help, thanks to which we have activated registry reviver and driver reviver on our PC. Good products and support.Greetings from Poland!
      Tadeusz B, Poland , August 2012
    • I'm very happy with the service of ReviverSoft. An email response in a couple of hours. They are Fast, knowledgeable and helpful. Good products. Highly recommended.
      Heinrich T, Germany , May 2012
    • Hallelujah! Man what a long trek! But, I got to tell you, if it hadn't been for your patience and help I would have quit and put a big firecracker in this thing. Thanks a gazillion! Thank you for your comments and ALL the help you gave me. Man o man do I have a story to tell! Awesome experience.
      Michael P, USA , March 2012
    • Thank You Kindly, This shows there still are some very nice people still left on this earth...I certainly will spread the good word about ReviverSoft.com. The Best & continued Growth to your Org
      Walt Z, USA , March 2012
    • thanks for your valuable information and your patience, I got to brush up on ReviverSoft I found this product excellent. In appreciation for your patience and well guided me to my computer problems, I have sent you a beautiful file. You be super efficient and I say "BRAVO!" I thank all the team member of ReviverSoft support for their reliability.
      Karine S, France , January 2012
    • Thank you very much. I have to say that choosing Registry Reviver has been a solid investment for me in that your product is sound and your customer service is great.
      Stephanie G, USA , January 2012
    • Thank you so much. Love a company with quick and efficient customer service!!! Liked service so much, I just purchased the other driver updater product.
      Carl W, USA , January 2012
    • great, it has now worked in the old year wonderful, and we will use in the new year. Definitely recommend your program and also because of the perfect service. Thanks again and HAPPY New Year.
      Torsten M, Germany , December 2011
    • Thank you very much for your quick, helpful response to my request. It is good to know that you have a very good product support team behind your software.Thank you very much.
      Bhakorn V, Thailand , December 2011
    • I have just tried the software and everything now works perfectly. Thank you for your excellent customer service and I wish you a very successful 2012.
      Babz A, UK , December 2011
    • Thank you for your fast, friendly and efficient response. Quality of your service 10/10, good product. Bravo!
      Bruno J, France , November 2011
    • Thanks a million for your help. Does it work wonderfully! I am very, very happy with the product and service. Sends you greetings from Klagenfurt
      Horst K, Austria , November 2011
    • I would like to personaly thank you for the excellent support That You have provided me with regards the problem I Encountered. This will definitely convince me to keep Using your excellent products. All the best
      Frank C, Belgium , October 2011
    • Thank you again, I'm happy because everything works fine, so I continue my subscription with you for many years and I will certainly recommend your services to others. Good day to all the team
      Dominique P, France , October 2011
    • Thanks for taking care of your customer which is appreciated. Sometimes at certain places its difficult to get such an instant response when there is frustration. I will definitely recommend your product to my friends and hope you will get more customers for this response. Please inform your boss that you guys at Reviversoft are awesome. From a satisfaction guaranteed customer.
      Iype M, Canada , September 2011
    • I just wanted to say, "A big thank you" for responding to my support enquiry so quickly - in under 5 minutes. I have never had any company provide support so quickly and efficiently. Your team is a real asset to ReviverSoft.
      Robin B, Australia , September 2011
    • Thanks, service is really appreciated. The first reason I bought your product was its popularity. The second, the excellent support. You have done a great job and wish you success.
      Beno?t G, Canada , August 2011
    • I was very fortunate to find you and your product to get a satisfactory resolution. Your product and technical support personnel are great. I worked with Microsoft for a month to resolve an issue that they never could fix and within one morning, your team fixed it. I am constantly using the product from reviver soft to fix things on my 2 computer systems and keep them healthy.
      Thomas JR, USA , July 2011
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